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C O F F E E  B O D Y  S C R U B
Without Farmers there would be no Coffee!

Giving back to the greater coffee community.  

We support these charities in their mission to improve the lives of farmers and their families living in coffee-gowing areas.  
Collaborating with the next generation of coffee farmers to realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community.  Coffee Kids is partnering with young farmers to create youth-focused entrepreneurship hubs. These groups will provide the space where young men and women can learn how to use their creativity and ideas to to develop productive enterprises in coffee and other industries that provide services to their communities.  They are sharing their ideas, experiences, and frustrations and working together to solve their problems. 
The Kula Project invests in the dreams and businesses of coffee farmers in East Africa.  We identify leaders for Entrapeneur/Local Leader Partnerships, and then provide resources through financial grants, micro-loans, agronomy training, and business literacy & financial planning.
We help coffee-farming families, cooperatives, and community-based organizations identify challenges, resources, and strategies to build long-term solutions to hunger. To do this, we work with Latin American coffee-growing organizations, coaching and connecting them with the expertise they need to implement the right strategies for their communities, and making sure they have the tools to monitor their progress over time.